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Company Details

Brand: Kinox

Company Name: Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Factory Limited and Kinox Trading Limited

Award (Year): Hong Kong Top Brand (2007)

Main Products: Stainless Steel Cookware, Thermal Dispenser, Catering Ware, Household Electric Appliance

"Top Mark" Registered Product Categories
Stainless Steel Cookware and Accessories, Thermal Dispenser, Plastic Kitchen Ware, Household Electric Appliance with Thermo Device (Electric Kettle, Electric Coffee Maker, Electric Toaster)

Wits for Win

"Development lies with foresight, achievement lies with diligence" is the motto accompanying Kin Hip for over 60 years. With guarantee of products’ quality, Kinox has penetrated deeply into our household — Mr Eric Sun, Managing Director of Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Factory Limited and Kinox Trading Limited.

Company Profile

Established in 1949, Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Factory Limited has evolved from a small mould-making workshop to a world-renowned specialist in the manufacture of stainless steel kitchenware, insulated tableware and catering ware for commercial food and beverage industries, produced under the brand "Kinox". Kinox is a name synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and dedication to the pursuit of multi-purpose and innovative designs to meet the needs of the home uses and hospitality professionals. Kinox managed the whole production line systematically for satisfaction of customers’ future demands in international market. Apart from the current American and European customer markets, Kinox's global market not only begins spanning across the developing countries such as Mainland China, Southern-East Asia, Middle East and Africa, but also develops IoT channel facilitating the online platform which enhances the effectiveness of KINOX brand exposure and market exploration.

Track of Glory

Apart from acquisition of "ISO 9001:2008" quality management system certification, "Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme" certification and "Hong Kong Top Brand", Brand upgrading is of paramount importance to business future development and market competitiveness.

Kinox's innovative product design continues to capture worldwide interest. The most popular products such as PSF coffee decanter highly resistant to physical and chemical attack, innovative welcoming tea tray serving in hotels, 360° Cordless Electric Kettle and famous "Connoisserve" product range were differentiated by bringing the utmost in dependable, innovative catering ware to the world. These product ranges are not only popular for restaurants, hotels and airlines, but also will develop marketing position towards young generation, developing countries and economic classes in correspondence to innovative products designs. Kinox's reputation will be firmly established with the well-known sub-brands.

KINOX participated in establishment of a Joint Venture named “Hong Kong Quality Brands Alliance (HKQBA)” since 2010, cooperating with 4 other local Houseware brands (all recognized with the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme & "Hong Kong Top Brand") in an attempt to enhance brand positioning in local markets. The practices including: 1) consociating their brand strengths with products popularity, 2) achieving brand exposure via cooperative promotion events; 3) constructing a one-stop family shopping venue through the showroom located in G/F, Wing Ming Industrial Centre, Lai Chi Kok, are the remarkable assistances to KINOX’s brand development and market positioning.

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